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The Blackland Prairies Program is a Texas Park and Wildlife partnership contracted with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department pledged to protect and restore native prairie pollinator and wildlife habitats focused on White Rock Lake Park in the Blackland Prairie EcoRegion located in the heart of Dallas. 

The BP Preservation and Protection Program (BP3), as it was first named, acts on behalf of local residents and the millions of visitors the lake receives each year to bring to the local community and beyond  an understanding and sense of prairie stewardship of the 163 acres of undeveloped prairie habitat and its diverse array of native flora and fauna.

The BP Program has set goals to save and protect, and has initiated and developed tools to share a responsible role, to raise the public's awareness, and to sustain involvement in this rewarding educational outreach and maintenance program.

Friends of White Rock Lake (#FOWRL1) is the BP Program's advocacy group, which was established in partnership in 2015 with the Texas Park and Wildlife Department prairie restoration across Texas under a 501c3 nonprofit action group that was established in the late 1980's to do recycling and HHW/storm water safety education outreach at White Rock Lake Park and across the region. 

FOWRL is volunteer based and does fundraising activities to support the work of the Blackland Prairies Program to keep native prairies happy, healthy and sustainable, prairies which are a rare part of the other 1 percent of prairies going extinct across the United States!  FOWRL's founders connected this program early on with the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge and is a very active partner working on a state level with its partner, the Greater Monarch Pollinator Partnership.

The BP Program incorporates best practices with alternative and organic processes to work the land with immeasurable an measurable benefits to the community and future generations to ensure a long-term plan for preservation and protection to conserve and restore the local Blackland Prairie EcoRegion.

The BP Program is supported by the latest scientifically researched data, documentation and tools to benefit prairie health, including its diverse species of flora and fauna and prairie habitats. Including White Rock Lake's very rare gilgai formation, one of twenty five known in the world!   Catch the most up to date BP Program current events.

Learn prairie news you can use, including the latest prairie happenings at the park. Learn how to be a part and support everyone's favorite little hill on the prairie at Boy Scout Hill! 

Join in the BP Ask an Expert Q&A Community Board. Become a prairie steward today!

Get the BP Program Polli-Nation Station app.

Save a pollinator. Save a life!

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