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Below this box are a number of ways to take your everyday online activity and transform it in ways to support a local Dallas nonprofit. The Blackaland Prairies Program, BP3, offers education on the conservation and ecology of Texas Blackland Prairies and the many pollinators with species habitat support. Our goals are awareness, one change per cycle, and the F word! Fun!!


Give the Littlest Run on the Prairie a High Five! It's Free!

Support your local programs and education by giving a High 5 Gold Star Rating on our pages with the five stars at the bottom of the page. These ratings are the first hand community insight we have to develop our programs and make sure we focus on things our locals want to do! Did I mention It's FREE!!
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Give #BP3 a Gift When You Give Thanks with Others.


Bring the cheer to this year's Thanksgiving table and share a sip with #BP3 to save a rare Texas Native Landscape!

D0-Nation at Polli-Nation Station White Rock Lake Park

Blackland Prairies loves to have fun outdoors, online, and in person. Weather we meet in the BPU online classrooms, out on the prairies, or checking out local events BP asks for you to come out and just D0 a little to make a Big Difference.