PATH Sweep Method

“PATH Sweep Method” Prairie cleanup Published on BP/News on 9-11-2016

Blackland Prairies (BP) at White Rock Lake is developing tools for preservation, restoration and conservation of the Blackland Native Prairies at White Rock Lake Park. BP is partnering with the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department, and working with their full time urban Biologist Brett Johnson together with other groups and Dallas locals on this project.

Our prairies are rapidly decreasing into extinction. With sustainability and climate change taking a strong position in the community’s ecological concerns, this project is here to bring awareness to the prairie crisis that our nation is facing today. The importance of bringing this crisis to the public’s attention is paramount. The loss of these diverse habitats has greatly affected our pollinator population balance and benefits to the prairie and local ecosystem, which in turn has had a significant effect on climate change.

This astounding loss of habitat has moved the Blackland Prairies (BP) group to partner with the PATH organization (December 2015) to develop an effective, sustainable, non-invasive, and chemical-free method to restore the prairie, and to support delicate, threatened, endangered and near extinct species of flora and faunal, and in particular prairie pollinators. BP will be the first to introduce the developed approach to prairie restoration as an efficient sustainable solution to prairie invasives. BP looks forward to other groups using this method and their results.

BP hopes to use the “PATH Sweep Method©” (PSM) for the first time ever in a prairie restoration project. An efficient method of removing invasives while utilizing at the same time community emergency response skills through volunteer participation. Volunteers will be trained and will use a BP app (Polli-Nation Systematization) designed for PSM where ready volunteers work from S&R rescue lines that will meticulously comb the prairie of identified invasives, one species at a time in its season that regularly push out native species, causing a degradation of the health of the prairie habitat. (Reproduced with permission only, all rights reserved).

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