Polli-Nation Station! We got the app for that!

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BP3 “Polli-Nation Station App” Launch October 29, 2016 On Multiple Device App Stores, Blackland Prairies

BP Volunteer, Vanessa Z. Gomez, Campaign Manager and Developer

Hi there, Friends of White Rock Lake and our Press Friends,

Blackland Prairies will be launching a new educational tool.  The Polli-Nation Station app this coming Saturday. The app connects users uniquely with nature as a local and global call to action of a huge effort to protect our migrating and resident pollinators, and rare, threatened, and endangered flora and fauna of native prairie habitats that are rapidly going extinct.

The app has been custom designed by B.S. Nees Solutions for the group’s "Blackland Prairies Preservation and Protection" (BP3) program started in December 2015 for White Rock Lake Park. The Polli-Nation Station app uniquely records not only the local lake flora and fauna, but once data is recorded via crowd-source uploads from the field, it can immediately sent to the global iNaturalist.org.

The Polli-Nation Station app is the first of its kind created for the educational purpose of restoring and protecting the Texas Blackland Prairie EcoRegion that includes White Rock Lake, and has been provided through the BP3 program for prairie habitat education and restoration. It is volunteer-supported through the Blackland Prairies group's endowment and fundraising team, The Friends of White Rock Lake (Friends). It's in partnership with the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and other local area group and university Experts.

Many Thanks,


Vanessa Z. Gomez, Blackland Prairies Multimedia and Campaign Design Volunteer, wrl@blacklandprairies.org

Snap Shot of Select Features

  • Current prairie news, Prairie Crisis, Help the other 1%!, Community research field study.
  • Species image gallery on Instagram .
  • Facebook page interface.
  • Official database access with species location mapping.Innovative new social media experience with low impact - high return outdoor activity.
  • Helps users connect with the natural world by interacting, sharing, and growing with nature.
  • A 360 degree nature-nurture experience of flora and fauna in our own backyards while discovering compatibility and insights for improving relationships and interactions for the whole family. The kids, Grandpa and Grandma included.

I've also put together a teaser site for the app. Polli-Nation Station at White Rock Lake.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to try out the beta for free.

A sneak preview Prezi of the app is available for the curious. Let us know what you think or if you'd like to request a feature you think is important that would help launch this Polli movement across the globe.

Please support BP3 prairie projects to Save a Bee, Save a Life as your favorite new toy!                          

Take your polli-pocket to your local Polli-Nation Station; you’ve got to spot them all!

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