Most Wanted Invasive Species

Wanted Invasive criminal flora taking over the Blackland Prairies remnants at White Rock Lake Park. Help the other 1% by nipping these species in the bud!

Invasive species over running your remnant and not sure what the best practices are for removal? Seek guidance through the BPU online learning guides to get your prairie back to health! Coming soon this winter for vamping your prairie skills and tactics to fight back and restore your prairie’s health for native propagation.

BP Disclaimer: No flora, fauna, faunal, invasives, wildflowers, etc. may be disturbed, tampered with, and or removed from the prairie and or lake area without being a Blackland Prairies Project volunteer in training, volunteer leader, or field volunteer, without being under the supervision of Blackland Prairies Project nonprofit personnel and or without authorization of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

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